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Acupuncture operates as a complete medical system to promote & restore balance. This form of healthcare supports physical & mental-emotional health and improves overall functioning; it is safe, painless, and effective in treating a wide variety of issues. 

Acupuncture Services

ACU 585 offers private sessions on the upper level, and community sessions on the lower level.

Initial Private Session

1.5 hr: $90

Follow-up Private Session

50 min: $70

Community Session

45 min-1 hr: sliding scale $40 - 65

Frequently Asked Questions

What is community acupuncture?
Community style acupuncture is a unique and accessible approach to acupuncture treatment that brings the benefits of this ancient healing art to as many people as possible. In community style acupuncture, multiple individuals are treated in a shared space, allowing for a more affordable and inclusive experience. With a focus on creating a supportive and calming environment, community acupuncture sessions takes place in a group setting, where individuals relax in comfortable reclining chairs and/or massage tables. This approach enables practitioners to provide high-quality acupuncture care to multiple patients simultaneously, making it an excellent option for those seeking regular treatments or who prefer a more cost-effective alternative.
At ACU 585, we have massage tables set up with curtains hug between each station, allowing for a little bit of privacy while you rest.
How is this different than private session on the upper level?
Private sessions refer to the option to receive treatment in your own private treatment room, versus in a group setting or shared space. More one-on-one time is spent with the practitioner, and more in-depth discussion, symptom analysis and diagnoses are able to be carried out. These sessions involve a full health-history intake, discussion of your goals, review of any labs/medications/supplements, additional support throughout your journey, and the use of other treatment modalities, as needed. 
Am I missing any good points in a community acupuncture session?
No! You’re not missing out on beneficial acupuncture points when opting for Community Acupuncture. Whether you receive acupuncture in a communal setting or a private setting, effective points are utilized. No single style of acupuncture can incorporate all acupuncture points simultaneously - and it would be impractical to do so due to the extensive number of points.
We recommend entrusting the selection of acupuncture points to your acupuncturist while providing them with feedback on how the treatments are working for you. This collaborative approach allows your acupuncturist to tailor the treatments to your specific needs and observe the changes in your overall well-being. If your practitioner feels that private sessions with additional point selection or modalities would be beneficial, we’ll let you know!
How are you able to charge so little?
The way we’re able to charge such affordable rates is by attempting to keep a higher number of patients. Our primary goal with community acupuncture is to ensure that as many people as possible have access to acupuncture treatments. By serving a high volume of patients, we can sustain our business and continue providing these valuable services.
Put simply, our aim is to make acupuncture easily accessible to our neighbors and communities through this model, as we genuinely believe in promoting and supporting the health and well-being of everyone around us.
Do you have to take any clothes off?
No need to worry! You don't have to undress for your acupuncture treatment. In some instances, we may need access to areas just above the knee or up to the shoulder joint, so we might request that you wear shorts or a tee shirt for that purpose.
Typically, all you need to do to prepare for your treatment is roll up your pant legs and shirt sleeves. In community clinics, the most commonly used acupuncture points are located on the lower arms and legs, and the belly if you comfortable with it. So, there's no requirement to remove any additional clothing. We strive to make your acupuncture experience as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.
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