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Acupuncture operates as a complete medical system to promote & restore balance. This form of healthcare supports physical & mental-emotional health and improves overall functioning; it is safe, painless, and effective in treating a wide variety of issues. 

Acupuncture Service

What is a stress relief session?

It is an abbreviated session without any advanced diagnosis or intake. It uses simple and effective protocols aimed at calming the stress response in the body and mind. No initial new patient session is required for booking, but no individual concerns will be addressed.

What is a sliding scale?

A sliding scale pricing structure means that you pay what you can afford along the scale. You decide what you can pay, no questions asked. I trust that you are able to make that determination for yourself.

How is the sliding scale determined?

Sliding scale pricing allows me to place value and emphasis on accessibility.

The high point of the scale is the average cost of acupuncture in Rochester ($85).

The midpoint of the scale is the low-average cost of acupuncture in the area ($70).

The bottom of the scale is the minimum amount that I can charge to cover costs ($55).

I believe cost was never meant to be a barrier to this medicine. If you are searching for more accessibility, please reach out to me!

Initial Session

1.5 hr: $85

Follow-up Session

1 hr: Sliding Scale $55 - $85

Stress Relief Session

45 min-1 hr: $45

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